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Throughout Alex’s career, he has had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented people in marketing. Hear what they have to say about his work ethic and the results that come along with it.

As Alex’s direct report and co-worker, I have to say that he takes his job very seriously (in the best way). You can see his professionalism and his quality thought process in everything from his input during brainstorming sessions, his creation of digital marketing strategy, courteous and constructive feedback, and his structured approach to proactive omni-channel marketing solutions. I’ve learned a lot from Alex and he has helped me grow as a designer and a marketer.
— Joshua Plotkin, Email Marketing Manager at Scotsman Guide Media

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Alex is quite simply, a workhorse. From Social Media, to CRM, to Digital Advertising, and even creative, Alex’s broad skillset is something that leaves him uniquely positioned to drive marketing success for companies large and small. His knowledge and tenacity helped us drive revenue from zero to over $6 million in less than 9 months for a scrappy startup unit within our larger portfolio of companies. He is calm, logical, friendly member of the team and I highly recommend him.
— Paul Campbell, Privateer Holdings

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I had the pleasure of working with Alex for six months at AAL. It was a great experience, if anything just because Alex is always more than willing to share insight from his wealth of SEO and marketing experience. He was able to take a team of writers and guide us to the best online interaction and conversion rates the startup had ever seen. His game plan was multidimensional and challenged us to step out of the box as writers to also succeed with graphic, video, and interactive media. We saw an immediate upward trajectory thanks in large part to his leadership.

As a manager, Alex was top notch. He was quick and happy to educate, and compassionate and flexible when his team had special needs. I appreciated the chance to work with him, and I can’t wait to see how he succeeds next.
— Arnie Aurellano, Online Editor at Ask a Lender

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Alex is an extremely talented professional with whom I was lucky enough to work on the marketing team at Privateer Holdings. His dedication to the team in supporting across a multitude of functions (social media, web, email, graphic design, client management, event marketing, and more) was extremely invaluable, not to mention his positive attitude and diligence always made Alex a pleasure to work with. Alex is a phenomenal teammate, and has a humble skill for leading the charge with flawless strategy and execution.
— Abby Gould, Field Marketing Manager at dosist

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I highly recommend Alex Hodschayan as an experienced Digital Marketer based on my personal experience working with in his role as a Digital Marketing Manager at Privateer Holdings. Alex has been the driving force behind our successful email marketing programs, B2B online ordering program and a key contributor to the social media platforms we are building. He is a diligent team member with a creative eye and a one stop digital team as he can design and execute projects using multiple platforms. As important, Alex is simply a wonderful person to work with given his cheerful demeanor, willingness to help others and quiet, low maintenance competence.
— Patrick Coyle, Vice President of Marketing at nutpods

Alex is one of those rare people who doesn’t only have the ability to instantly understand the core of a brand, but he is able to develop it in different ways while keeping its authenticity. Not only is Alex an outstanding creative designer and digital marketer, but he has been one of my favorite people to work with over the past years. He turns around projects extremely fast, always communicates his needs and sets expectations ahead of time. Alex can take on any project no matter how simple or complex without blinking an eye, and does so with a great sense of calm and confidence. Aside from his stellar creative skills, Alex is one of the most humble, yet well-liked employees in the company. If I could, I would hire Alex myself in an instant. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a brilliant creative mind who is also extremely reliable and fun to work with.
— Linn Baumgardt, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Leafly

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When it comes to consistent, top-quality design, I needn’t look further than Alex Hodschayan. While working together on the marketing team at Privateer Holdings, Alex’s work was instrumental in the development of our marketing materials and social media presence. I could package up data in a semi-legible format, send that over to Alex, and he would turn these raw insights into finely-crafted, professional works of marketing art. He’s a super solid player for any team and I recommend him without reservation.
— Will Wright, Data Scientist at Privateer Holdings

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Alex is a valuable asset to any team and I highly recommend him as an experienced digital marketing manager. While at Privateer Holdings, Alex and I worked closely together on consumer facing programs and events. Alex’s ingenuity and drive contributed greatly to the success of these programs and I appreciated (and at times was in awe of) Alex’s ability to juggle competing priorities with efficiency. Alex displayed great poise when communicating with external stakeholders and was a delight to work alongside each day. Alex is a wonderful teammate and I wish him continued success in his career.
— Gina Hathorn, Marketing Event Manager at Privateer Holdings

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Alex is a very creative graphic designer who is also talented at understanding communication and marketing trends and how a crisp message and design can positively influence a marketing campaign. He has a great work ethic and handles multiple projects very well.
— Joel Doepker, VP of External Relations at East Central College

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Alex is a very talented designer and is well versed on social media trends. He is a hard worker, putting in extra time every day to complete projects. His ability to switch gears, moving from one task to another is amazing. I appreciate his professional demeanor in all situations and admire his interpersonal skills.
— Dot Schowe, Diretor of Public Relations at East Central College

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