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  • Alex had and still has a passion for Downtown Washington. He used that passion to promote both individual businesses as well as the Downtown area as a whole. Not only did he coordinate long standing Downtown events...he created his own wonderful new event that he still maintains today.
  • "Alex was brought to MBS to provide the field force with more accurate reporting, in the form of mPower, and has certainly delivered. Not only have the reports been exactly what we were sorely lacking, but his ability to work with various levels of users of these reports, understand their needs, and make adjustments where necessary, is where Alex has really shown that his abilities extend far beyond standard programming."
  • "Alex is a very intelligent and analytical individual. He did some very excellent work during his tenure at our law firm. He learns quickly, relates well to clients and has ourstanding abilities regarding organization and performance of his job duties. I wish he still worked here."
  • “Alex is a man of his word (integrity is a rare find these days). It was a pleasure working with Alex who never shied away from a challenge and always sought out additional responsibilities. Alex also played a major role in the growth the Columbia Missouri branch experienced during his tenure. I found that Alex was very creative, was an out of the box thinker and was never afraid to challenge the process when needed to ensure successes of a project.”
  • "Very talented designer and a company genuinely interested in having satisfied customers."
  • Rodney Stoyer
  • Eric Browning
  • Harry Boul
  • Hank Wylie
  • Robyn C. Patti
    Robyn C.
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